Our team of developers have experience in developing JavaScript/Jquery solutions using tool kits like GWT, Dojo and EXTJS, have experience in Adobe, HTML & CSS etc. We have deep experience on the .NET platform. Our software engineers and developers have experience in both front-end and back-end and can rapidly design custom solutions and platforms.We understand virtualization of networking and virtualization of security. We have the skills and capabilities for development, deployment of Big data platforms and migration to the cloud. Our cloud implementations are both seamless and scalable. Our applications teams have core competencies with Big data, UX and Cloud technologies. This enables us to rapidly develop SAAS applications namely YML DataFlow, Designed to enable Data centric companies to migrate from Legacy existing Software solution to a Cloud storage and manage data and processes according to the customer needs . Team is also capable of developing mobile apps that work on multiple platforms : Andriod, iOS & Windows.